Fooks and Fowke Family Genealogy

F O W K E   F A M I L Y   P E D I G R E E

This pedigree was supplied in typewritten form so errors, both copied or by mistake, are reproduced here. The information contained in this document differs slightly from some other material that has come to hand, and where variations occur and remain unproven, special notes appear throughout the Family Tree pages.

Some explanations appear in brackets throughout the text of this pedigree. The Name and Tree Codes which appear have no significance in this context.

Possibly the earliest known use of the `Fowke' surname, Sir Roland de Fowke, is recorded in connection with France, specifically in the area of Normandy near the mouth of the Seine River. Although information is very sparse, Sir Theophilus Fowke is recorded (although not proven) as having accompanied William the Conqueror and fought at the battle of Hastings in 1066. There is a Fowke and a FitzFowke on the Battle Abbey Roll of those who fought at Hastings but no Fowke appears in the British Museum List.

The `Fowke Pedigree’ below outlines, possibly, both fact and fiction of early Fowke genealogy. Detailed research on early Staffordshire Gentry has contributed some excellent notes which have clarified a number of hitherto questionable facts with respect to some early Fowke connections. A London ‘expert’ has commented as follows - "Much I fear is the invention of an heraldic romancer. People paid money in ancient times to the heralds to fabricate a fabulous genealogy and some of them were only too willing to oblige!" Much of this Pedigree may, if fact, be correct but separating fact from fiction in this very early data is proving very difficult so the whole document is reproduced for your appraisal It makes interesting reading!

To all nobles and gentles to whom these presents shall come I Thomas Hawley als (autograph letter signed) Clarency Principal Herald King at Arms of the South Coast and West part of this realm of England from the river of Trent southward sendeth due humble recommendation and greeting as equity willeth or reason will ordain that men of vertue and noble courage shall by their merit and good renown rewarded not only in their persons in this mortal like so brief and transitory but also after them those that come and decended of their bodies and all their posterity to be in all places of honour and worship accepted and taken by certain ensigns and demonstrations of honor and noblesse.

Therefore I Thomas Hawley als Clarency (Clarenceux: the second King-of-Arms in England) Principal Herald and King at arms of the Southeast and West part of this realm of England aforsaid do give unto Sir Mathew Lynegar who I find is successively chief antiquary (a person who studies ancient works, etc) of Ireland a true copy of the most of the nobility of the South East West part of the realm as he hath well deserved of me by vertue and authority given and granted unto me by my ancestors by express words and true confirmation have devis'd ordained and assigned these several antiquityes to the said Sir Mathew Lynegar and his posterity; in witness of the said I Thomas Hawley als Clarency as above said written do assign this my certificate this 28th day of September in the reign of our sovereign Lord Henry the 8th King of England and France, defender of the faith, Lord of Ireland, in Christ Supreme head of the Church of England.

30th year (1539) of his most noble Reign.

Thomas Hawley Knt. (Knight).

The genealogy and ensigns armorial of the Hon'ble Coll. (Colleague) Thos. (Thomas) Fowke (15H) of the lineal decent of Jno. Fowke (7B) of Gunston, Esq.

Deriving his pedigree from Sir John Fowke (?) created Knt Banneret (a knight who was entitled to command other knights and men-at-arms under his own banner; the title conferred by the King for valour on the battle field) by King Henry the 8th in the 16th year (1525) of his reign, originally descended from Sir Theophilus Fowke (H8) of a most valiant Knt who came to England with William the Conqueror who lineally descended of Charles Sr who was the second son to the most noble and high puissant (powerful) Harlovin King of France as the above said Sir Thomas Hawley gives account of in the ancient and authentick annals of England transmitted to me by my ancestors who were successively Chief Kings at Arms in Ireland.

I therefore Charles Lynegar have from thence drawn out the following antiquity of the Hon. Coll. Thos Fowke (15H) as a memorial to his posterity his genealogy carefully extracted from the root whence sprung his worthy and most noble ancestors given to your Honor with all respect by your obdt (obedient) and most humble servant Charles Lynegar.

F O W K E   F A M I L Y   P E D I G R E E

In primis (possibly `primus' meaning `first') to the Hon'ble Coll, Thos. Fowke (15H) who married Mistress Elizabeth Ingoldsby daughter of Sir Wm. Ingoldsby Knt. Bt. whose mother was Theophila Lucy daughter of Sir Kingsman Lucy of Nesby in Hampshire and great granddaughter to Lord Berkly formerly Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.

The above Hon. Thos. Fowke (15H) was son to Thos. Fowke Esq. (14F) of Gunston in Staffordshire who married Mistress Mary Pearl whose mother was descended from the family of His Grace the Duke of Chandos; the last Thos. (14F) was son of John Fowke (13R) of Gunston Esq. who married Joyce March of Limehouse in the parish of Stepney in Middlesex ...

(There is here in the text a pencilled addition by a later, unknown member of the family)

...which Jno. Fowke (13R) was son of Roger Fowke (12E) who was son of Jno. Fowke(11H) and Doro (Dorothy) Cupper who was only son and heir of Fras. (Francis) Fowke (10C) and Jane Rainsford who was second son of Jno. Fowke (9C) and Anne Bradshaw who was only son and heir of Roger Fowke (8B) of Gunston and Cassandra daughter of Wm. Humphriestone Esq...

(The main text continues)

who was son of Sir John Fowke (?) created Knt. as aforesaid mary'd Ann daughter of Sir John St Leger of Devonshire Knt. the son of William Fowke (6A) mary'd Ann Eyton the son of Sir Richard Fowke Knt. (5A) who married Anne daughter and coheir of Sir Henry Budgell of Devonshire Knt. son of Sir Edward Fowke Knt. (4A) who married Juliana daughter of Sir Thomas Fawn from whom descended the Lords of Westmoreland son of Sir Henry Fowke (3A) who married Mariana daughter of the Hon Sir Jno. Harrison of Yorkshire Knt. the son of Richard Fowke Knt. Bt. (2A) who married Arabella daughter and coheir of Sir Jno. Beucham (Beauchamps) of Lancashire Knt. son of Sir Jno. Fowke Knt. Bt. (1A) who married Dorothea daughter of Sir Jno. Brown of Mantague Knt. a worthy gamily of great antiquity son of the Hon Thos. Fowke Esq. (A1) who married Alice daughter and coheiress of Sir Hugo Vere of Salop Jnt. son of Sir William Fowke Knt. Bt. (B2) who married Esabella daughter of Sir Jno. West from descended the honourable family of West Lor Delawar the son of Sir Henry Fowke Kt. Bt. (C3) who married Mabella daughter of the Hon Sir Ralph Cole of Staffordshire Knight the son of Sir Marmaduke Kt. Bt. (D4) the son of Henry (Fowke) the hospitable (E5) who mary'd Mariana daughter of Sir Wm. Berkly Knt. Bt. son of Sir Jno. Fowke Knt. Bt. (F6) who married Marabella daughter and coheir of the Hon Sir Jno. Harrison of Cumberland Knt. son of Sir Thos. Fowke the Valiant (G7) who married Honora daughter of Sir Offry Decarterett son of Theophilus Fowke (H8) a most valiant knt. as above said who accompanied Wm. the Conqueror in his expedition to England and was present with him at the great battle of Hastings in Sussex where King Harold the Danish King was slain. The said Sir Theophilus was son of Sir Marmaduke Fowke Knt. (I9) who was son of Sir Harlovin Fowke (J10), son of Sir Joshua Fowke (K11), son of Sir Egrett (Fowke) (L12) son of Sir Isadore (Fowke) (M13) who was the son and heir of Sir Roland Defowke (N14) who was the first of his family surnamed `Fowke".

A Quo nome nator De Fowke who was son of David Junior son of David Senior who was second son of Rollo the Strong als Robert first Duke of Normandy. He married by force of arms Gilleta (Gisella or Gisele) daughter of Charles the Simple who was then King of France... Sir Thomas Hawley King at Arms of England in the 8th year (1517) of the King Henry ye 8th as aforesaid.

The said Rollo the Strong als Robert was son of Alexander Senior who was son of Alexander Junior son of Alexander Senior son of Charles Junior son of Charles Senior who was second son of the most noble and high puissant Harlovin Magnus King of France as the said author says.

The following note was also attached: DESCRIPTION OF ARMS: Fowke bears Baron & Semin - First vert a flower Delis or, by ye name of Fowke and for his Espouse in an Escutizon pretence quarterly a salter ingraield Sable Field Ermin Second Gules three Martletts chief, and a Rose in base Argente, third as a second, and the fourth as the First, and for his Crest on a Helmet and wreath of his colours a Ducal Crown or, out of it issuing a sword point Erect in Wrapt or Charged with a snake proper. MOTTO: Audaces Fortuna Invat.

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