Fooks and Fowke Family Genealogy



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1 1d/960 (d) Fowke, Edith Mary (I2586)
2 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Fowke, Benjamin Bernard (Capt) (I1808)
3 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Fowke, Betsy Leigh (I1809)
4 Adopted (from China) Ward, Olivia (I2405)
5 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Burbage, Wren Sung-Hee (I2418)
6 Alexander noted as a ship passenger in 1913 sailing from London, England, to Melbourne, Australia. Fowke, Alexander William (I0843)
7 Also 'Foulks'. This connection 'Fowlkes' researched and provided by Lucy Oakes Fowlkes, William (I1479)
8 Audrey noted on a ship passenger list in 1926, sailing from Southampton, England to Wellington, New Zealand. Fowke, Audrey Lina (I0970)
9 Bishop of Bangor, Wales Robinson, Nicholas (I1420)
10 Created Earl of Jersey, in October, 1697. Villiers, Edward (I9809)
11 Death Note - Family notes suggest that Edward Fowke was murdered in a civil disturbance by Irish Rebels in County Cork, Ireland, in about 1689, however no written record has been located of this specific event, although many such instances did occur around that era. Fowke, Edward (MD) (I0996)
12 Died from plague Fowke, Anthony (I1203)
13 Died from plague Fowke, Robert (I1206)
14 Died from plague Fowke, John (I1993)
15 Died from plague (date unknown). Fowke, Roger (I1428)
16 Died from plague in England Fowke, James (Snr) (I1026)
17 Died in infancy Fowke, Walter (I1411)
18 Died in Infancy Fowke, John (I4782)
19 Died of whooping cough at two and a half years old. Fooks, Lorene (I1966)
20 Died young, from plague Fowke, William (I1204)
21 Died young, from plague Fowke, Edward (I1207)
22 Elizabeth Lyttelton is the daughter of the widow, Anne Lyttelton (nee Giffard) who became the wife of Walter Fowke's elder brother, Francis Fowke (12F). "The web's we weave!" Lyttelton, Elizabeth (I4785)
23 Francis and Mary were married twice, firstly at Gretna Green on 11 July 1801 then again on 19 July 1813, as their first marriage was not recognised under British Law. Lowe, Mary (I0530)
24 George drowned in Hawera, in 1929. Dixon, George (I9483)
25 Governor of Tynemouth Castle (and Lighthouse) Villiers, Henry (I1263)
26 Harietta was known as 'Carretta' and did not marry.
She died in hospital following a cancer operation.
Carretta was a trained nurse and worked in private homes, etc. 
Fowke, Harietta (Caretta) Caroline (I1788)
27 Henry Fauxe is noted in The History of Parliament (Br.) as a possible younger son of Thomas Fowke by his wife, Margery Lane. This statement has not been proven or disproven at this time. Fauxe, Henry (I0145)
28 Henry Middlerede was Groom of the Chamber in 1593 Middlemore, Henry (I4760)
29 Hilda adopted (unofficially) her neice, Rosemary Woods, daughter of her youngest brother, and his wife, Nancy, in Kenya. Woods, Hilda Mary (I5080)
30 In 1881 Census, Frank noted as a Manager of a Lead Works Williams, Frank Tamblyn (I0883)
31 James Fowke(s) arrived in Virginia from Staffordshire, England, and received 350 acres of land on 18th November, 1676. Fowke, James (Jnr) (I1413)
32 Joan and Roger are 4th Cousins Fowke, Roger (I0994)
33 John and Drusilla were living for a time near Paris, Monroe County, Missouri, USA

In 1850 John is listed as a Wool Carder in 1850 Census 
Fowke, John Sidneyham (I1647)
34 Joseph was a Justice of the Peace in Fredericksburg.
Joseph and Mary moved to Kentucky.
Joseph Doniphan served in the Revolutionary War. 
Doniphan, J.P. Joseph (I9607)
35 Known as 'Annie'. Games, Anna Maria Hughes (I0720)
36 Labour Member of Parliament in New Zealand - Deputy Prime Minister of NZ from 1972 to 1974. Watt, Hugh (I0757)
37 Living 1541 Fowke, Robert (I1095)
38 Living at 2 St Nicholas Park, St Marks Road, St George, Gloucestershire, at the time of the 1881 Census. Sanderson, Humphrey (I5027)
39 Living for a time in Illinois, USA Fowke, Anne (I1642)
40 Lord Chief Justice of Ireland Singleton, Henry (I2014)
41 Marriage to Catherine Bagg recorded June quarter of 1879 Fowke, Frederick Gustavus (I2538)
42 Mary was of Swiss descent de Saussure, Mary Elizabeth (I5001)
43 Peter Solyard was a Danish Merchant living in London, England Solyard, Peter (I1375)
44 Probate Will 1665 mentions Damaris and 3 children
Charles was a Grocer in London 
Fowke, Charles (I4758)
45 Referred to in her father's Will as 'Sara'. Fowke, Sarah (I4780)
46 Ruth became a Carmelite Nun. Fowke, Ruth (I0874)
47 Settled in Illinois, USA Fowke, William Chandler (I1646)
48 Sir Vincent Skinner, died as a prisoner in Isaac Brighthurst's Debtors Prison, having amassed huge debts. Skinner, Vincent (Sir) (I4761)
49 Surname also recorded as 'Foulke' and sometimes pronounced 'Fooks'. Fowke, Thomas (Capt) (I1214)
50 Thomas was murdered Fowke, Thomas (Capt) (I1230)

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