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Ray G. Fowke
Seacrest Resort
Villa 8
200 Papamoa Beach Road
Papamoa 3118
Bay of Plenty
New Zealand

Stephen R. Fooks
1431 NW 55th Terrace
Gainesville, FL 32605-4465
United States


Welcome to our website the function of which is to provide a world-wide guide into the genealogy of the Fowke/Fooks surnames and the many variations of those surnames which share a connection to the same early ancestors. It is intended that this web site provide a 'two-way street' for information, and all interested parties are invited to make contact with the researchers and editors of this site. We are happy to provide additional information to genuine family enquirers and will gladly receive any family information not already recorded here. To protect the privacy of those family members still living certain personal data is not provided on this site, nor are biographies and family stories, etc, however such information is available to genuine enquirers and contact e-mail addresses are provided for this purpose.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are two separately constructed Family Trees accessible here. Click on 'SURNAMES' in Search Panel at left and then select the desired Tree, under Surname List, before continuing with your browsing. Please note that there may be some differences in the construction of the two Trees, particularly with some of the very early family lines, due to scarce and often inconclusive records and documents.

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